Spotlight on Gowanus Treehouse

I have written previously about the importance of collaboration and a multi-disciplinary team.  Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Gowanus Treehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where integrative treatment is key.

Gowanus Treehouse was started by Cathy Reid, an occupational therapist who specializes in pediatrics.  She currently serves as the director of services, and is joined by 6 other skilled occupational therapists.  In addition, there is a physical therapist on site who specializes in infant and toddler development.

gowanus treehouse


The space itself is welcoming and bright.  Visitors are invited into a waiting room with warm lighting. The space opens to a playspace that offers ziplining, a rock wall, ladders, and a treehouse, as the name would imply.  Children are guided through these activities to address motor planning, coordination, endurance, and social skills.


I immediately fell in love with the space and the staff, and knew that their philosophy of using a team based approach to treat children matched perfectly with my own.  As of September, I will be offering Yoga for the Special Child and feeding evaluations in conjunction with Gowanus Treehouse.  I hope to see you there!

Gowanus Treehouse is located at 540 President Street, Suite 1E, Brooklyn, NY 11215 or visit them at

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