Giving Your Child a Voice

As a bilingual speech language pathologist, I have worked with hundreds of families to understand child language development and learning disabilities.

My practice takes a whole child approach. Rather than look only at speech and language issues, I carefully evaluate the role of the environment and other areas of development. Therapy is fun, engaging, and structured so that children and parents can experience immediate success that continues even when therapy is over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the first session when I see a speech therapist?

The hard part is over. After we have our initial phone conversation, we set up a convenient time to meet. Each child is different, so depending on our conversation, I choose activities that I think will be motivating and engaging for your child. I spend time getting to know him or her by playing games, reading stories, and having conversations. For formal evaluations, we will also spend time completing standardized testing after your child feels comfortable with me. At the end of the session, I will meet with parents to collect additional information, discuss the results of the evaluation, and set up a plan for therapy, if necessary. We will work together during the whole process!
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What are the signs of a speech or language disorder?

Speech and language disorders can present in a variety of ways. It is important to first identify if speech (how we make our sounds) or language (how we understand language or put words to communicate) is the underlying issue. For more information on the signs and symptoms of speech disorders, check out our resources page.
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How can yoga help my child to speak?

Yoga is the perfect compliment to any therapeutic program. Using a predictable sequence of chanting, breathing, and asana (body movements) help to regulate a child's body so that he/she is ready to carry out the difficult task of speaking. For more information on the advantages of yoga, check out our Yoga page.

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