Speech and Language

Jocelyn provides a variety of services based on your child’s individual needs. Using her interactive consultation and thorough case history, Jocelyn can help you decide which treatment option is best.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech is the ability to say sounds clearly.

  • Do you find that you are the only person who understands your child?
  • Do strangers constantly need to ask your child to repeat something?
  • Is your child having trouble articulating a particular sound?

Language is the ability to understand language and put words together.

  • Is it difficult for your child to follow directions?
  • Is your toddler learning new words every day?
  • Can your preschooler put words together to make sentences?
  • Can your school-age child understand what he is reading?

Feeding Therapy

Picky Eaters are children who do not have any medical issues that would prevent them from eating a variety of foods and textures.

  • Does your child avoid things that are hard to chew?
  • Does your child eat less than 5 different foods?
  • Is it difficult to go to social gatherings because of your child’s eating habits?

Problem Feeders are children who struggle to eat from the beginning.

  • Did your baby have difficulty latching?
  • Is there a medical diagnosis that is preventing your child from eating?

Organizational Help

Executive Functioning is a child’s ability to organize information and plan for assignments. As children progress through the grades and assignments become more complex, these skills can suffer.

  • Is your child’s backpack a mess?
  • Can your child keep track of important assignments and tests?
  • Can your child organize and write a multi-paragraph essay?

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills are those essential skills that children need to participate in conversations and make friends.

  • Can your child participate in pretend play?
  • Does your child have good eye contact?
  • Can your child turn take and play games with other children

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