Speech Therapist in Brooklyn, NYC, and Nationwide

Help your child find their inner voice.

Hi, I’m Jocelyn. Speech therapist, parent coach, writer and optimist, I believe that every child has something special to say.

Working as a speech therapist in Brooklyn for over a decade, I have learned that no two children are the same. 

There isn’t some magic formula that will help your child learn to speak. What I do know is that parents know their children best and with the right support, can lead their child on an amazing language learning adventure.  

When we work together, we are on the same team.  I provide you with expert advice on child development and language milestones, and you provide me with expert guidance on your child. Together, we create an environment that will nurture your child’s intellect and help him to thrive. 

How I Can Help

1:1 Speech Therapy

Following a comprehensive evaluation with a speech therapist, you receive a detailed report and an individualized treatment plan to meet the needs of your child and your family.

Group Speech Therapy

Need a little boost? Using proven research, this parent-directed coaching program led by a speech therapist is for caregivers of children aged 2-24 months, teaching you everything you need to get your baby babbling and ahead of the curve–all within 5 minute chunks of your day

Free Mini Training

A live workshop led by a speech therapist  helps you understand speech and language development, along with strategies to help your child meet their goals. (Audio version also available!)

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