Who is Jocelyn?

Jocelyn M. Wood, M.A. CCC-SLP

Jocelyn M. Wood, M.A. CCC-SLP, is a bilingual speech language pathologist focused on using multi-sensory learning strategies to bring a child’s speech and language skills to life. She strongly believes in a team-based approach and works alongside parents, caregivers, educators, and therapists to find the approach that works best for each individual child.

Jocelyn believes strongly in continuing education so that she can provide the most current and evidence-based techniques to her students. She has received specialized training in programs to help develop speech, language, and feeding skills, and is working towards certification as a practitioner of Yoga for Special Needs Children. Jocelyn is also a certified orofacial myologist.

Jocelyn provides individual home-based sessions, consultations, social skills groups, yoga therapy, and parent/caregiver workshops. Jocelyn is a regular contributor to parenting and educator blogs and loves to share her passion for early childhood with others.

Jocelyn has a degree in Linguistics and Spanish from Boston University and a Masters in Speech Language Pathology with a Bilingual Extension from Hofstra University. She was chosen to participate in the ASHA Leadership Development Project (2014) for her commitment to speech and language services in the schools, and has been awarded the ACE Award for continuing education.

“When people ask me how I found my career, I tell them that speech found me. It gives me an opportunity to have fun, be creative, and be challenged every day. Each child is a new door to unlock and I never get tired of watching speech magic happen!”

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